London Mistress – Goddess Electra – Sessions

The BDSM domination sessions normally take place in central London at your place, hotel or dungeon. The subs are normally required to book a dungeon (or hotel) of their preference in central London (check my availability before you book a dungeon and pay the deposit). You can get up to 75% off hotels for day use here – preferably close to Hyde Park.


Classic Domination

I love to dominate men, women and even couples – suits my personality and get a real enjoyment out of it. I like to exercise my power over males in particular and make them understand that women are superior creatures especially the dominant ones.

Bondage and restraint

Bondage is one of my big passions in BDSM – whether it is being tied to a cross, restraint bench or tied up with ropes or cuffed. I like to restrain, gag and make my slaves feel completely helpless while at my mercy.

Body worship


London Mistress-Goddess Electra
Body worship with London Mistress-Goddess Electra

Do you like to worship body of your Mistress? Whether it is stiletto shoe fetish or stocking and leg worship I can subject you to humiliation while making you worship me. It is a real privilege which slaves will need to earn first so you will get punished if you let me down.

Corporal Punishment (CP)

Do you know what is going to happen if you don’t obey your Mistress? I love to subject my slaves to spanking and flogging in particular and subject them to torture as a punishment but not extreme CP.


Would you like to be humiliated and degraded by your Mistress? Sessions can include verbal humiliation combined with punishment, face slapping, spitting and even trampling and human furniture. Collar and leash is one of favourite of mine used in humiliation sessions.

Tease and denial

I like to tease my slaves and subject them to denial while they are teased. I also enjoy orgasm control and denial. Without my permission you are not allowed to do anything in my sessions – I will decide for you, control you and make you obey me or will have to teach you a lesson.

Slave fantasy roleplay and training

Would you like to be my slave and obey me; be controlled by me? Subs have offered me their life savings to be my permanent slave – unfortunately I cannot accommodate permanent slaves but can train you to be my slave and fulfil your slave fantasy in sessions.


I can play with your mind by satisfying your inner cuckolding desires, either as a fantasy, or preferably reality, by bringing a bull to our sessions to humiliate you by getting fucked and satisfied in way you could only dream of.

Sensory deprivation

There is something special about experiencing sensory deprivation while you are being tormented by a Domina – makes you focus on other senses and I really enjoy that you don’t know when the next hit is going to come. It doesn’t need to be anything too extreme – hoods are my favourite.

Forced bi

Is your fantasy Femdom forced bi domination? Do you want to lose all your control and be humiliated, and degraded – made into a bitch for his Mistress? Are you into strapon play?

Would you like to demonstrate your loyalty and service by being a forced-bi slave sucking cock for me? Sissy training and sissy maid training is also available.

Fit Domme

Would you like to achieve your healthy goals while being dominated? Do you need the extra motivation that comes from being under control of a powerful female? As a perfect sub you will follow the rules. If you slip up you will get punished.

Fantasy role-plays

Do you want to feel the mental and emotional escape that comes from acting out your fantasies? Whether it is a CEO, executive, laywer, doctor, Head Mistress or boss I will bring your darkest fantasies to life – tantalising, teasing and tormenting you – taking complete control of you, making you to understand my supremacy over you and make you enter a space where the outside world doesn’t exist. Fantasy role plays are fully tailored to you to provide unique and exhilarating experience.

The services I don’t do

There are some things that I would’t do and are therefore not on my list of services.

I am a professional Domme I only provide non-sexual services. I offer corporal punishment and enjoy it but do not provide extreme CP – nothing that could leave you with permanent marks. I do not provide hard sports / Scat and medical play as well as nothing illegal, involving minors or animals obviously!