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London Pro-Domme – Welcome to my world of domination

I am a new sophisticated Mistress in London. Welcome to my BDSM world of psychological domination, fetish, fantasy, temptation, control and pain to those who desire it. As ultimate dark Goddess I enjoy tantalising and teasing, tormenting and can bring you to your knees with a mere whisper. I believe in female supremacy and have no problem putting you in your place.  I get a huge amount of pleasure in men submitting to me fully.

As a Pro Domme I like to inflict sensual and erotic pain. Pain heightens every sense and produces endorphins.

“I will make the pain your pleasure. When you meet me you might find pain more addicting than ever.”

I like to explore your deepest desires to make you escape to a place where you have no control; rendering you completely helpless and playing with your mind so you don’t know what will happen next. In my sessions you will feel the heightened state of danger and surprise bringing you mental and emotional escape.

I will enslave you and intoxicate your mind. I will make you my slave and you will surrender all your power to me.

“Your mind and body will be mine to use as I please”.

For fetish lovers – I have a collection of outfits including corsets, latex, boots, stilettos but also business dresses, blouses, pencil skirts, stocking with suspenders and seductive lingerie for those who are more into fantasy role-play.

The BDSM activities that I enjoy the most as a Fem Domme are tease and denial, bondage and fantasy role-play whether it is a powerful executive, Head Mistress, stern female boss, doctor, stern female bank manager or lawyer. Tell me about something you would really like to do / experience – describe your darkest fantasy.

You are required to follow my 10 Rules of Engagement with Mistress when you contact me and to reserve your appointment.

For those submissives that do not live in London but would like to be dominated by me, I offer distance domination. I can also travel abroad – see the session page for more details on trips abroad.


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Your London Mistress – 10 Rules of Engagement

B&W image of London mistress Goddess Electra
BDSM Domination Blog of London mistress – Goddess Electra – 10 Rules of Engagement.

Do you know how to treat your Goddess?

From my submissives I seek respect, loyalty and obedience. A sub that will naturally fall comfortably into his role of service to me as his Mistress. A slave that is prepared to be guided along his chosen path and obey my commands.

Good manners are very important to me. As a submissive you will be respectful and courteous and act with consideration and reverence at all times whilst in my care.

10 Rules of Engagement 

  1. You must be at least 21 years old. Do not contact me if you are younger than 21.
  2. Available strictly by appointment only. Make a BDSM session booking as much in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.
  3. Do NOT waste my time and make sure you read my website. There’s nothing that I hate more than repeating what is already on the website.
  4. I request all slaves to send an email introduction indicating your BDSM interests and date / time you would like the session. Alternatively you can prebook a call – send me a text at first instance : ‭‭+44 7555 026990.
  5. Be clear about what you want in your email and describe any likes, desires and fantasies you would like fulfilled.
  6. Do NOT ask for sex or intimate body worship – I am a Pro-Domme and do not offer sex for any money.
  7. Show me respect.
  8. Do not call me from withheld number and do not ask for my personal details.
  9. I might ask you to complete a BDSM test before accepting you as a slave or request a small deposit. Please note that 40% deposit is required if you want me to book the accommodation.
  10. Arrive on time for the session, be polite and I expect you to maintain high standards of personal hygiene.

Goddess Electra – Elite London Mistress